1.) Southwest is a People First company – and it shows. Every employee you come across is helpful, friendly and kind. Always. They are treated well, and in turn treat their customer well. No grumpy attendants annoyed that you asked for another drink.

2.) Giving back is a priority. Check out their charitable giving page here.  Have a non-profit? Did you know they above hundreds of complimentary flights to those raising funds for good causes? Family illnesses require lots of travel? Write into their board and ask for a discount. In 2015 $3.2 million in free transportation is being provided to more than 100 hospitals and organizations. Good Karma all around.

3.) FREE baggage up to Two 50 pound bags.

4.) No additional fees for changing tickets. Did you hear me! NO ADDITIONAL FEES. This is music to a traveling mother’s ears.

5.) Wi-Fi in all planes

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Cool, clear water, golden sunshine and reefs full of colour is what you will encounter in a snorkeling tour at South Water Caye.

snorkeling at south water caye belize

Photo by Jason Adrian

Boasting one of the most majestic reef systems in the world, Belize has a plethora of marine life – including nimble reef sharks, colourful clownfish, gentle manatees and giant whale sharks.

belize beach vacations at south water cayePhoto by Jason Adrian

South Water Caye is a land of incredible biological diversity, with natural environments rich in plant and animal life.

snorkeling in belize at south water cayePhoto by Jason Adrian

South Water Caye’s enchanting beauty will capture your imagination, and steal your heart.

vacations belize at south water cayePhoto by Michael Blankespoor

belize beach resorts at south water cayePhoto by Kristi Lewton

belize beach all inclusive vacations at south water cayePhoto by LIGA ZEMTURE

This drop-dead beautiful island uniquely sits atop the Belize Barrier Reef.

south water caye belize islands

Photo by Tony Rath

South Water Caye is a perfect island to bask in pure relaxation.

belize private islandsPhoto by Nik and Dusty

South Water Caye’s subtropical climate sees high temperatures and humidity most of the year, but the fresh sea breezes generally make life more comfortable.
belize vacations south water cayePhoto by Matt Ballen
South Water Caye is PARADISE
belize private islands south water cayePhoto by Tony Rath