Do constant demands make you feel like you’re living on everybody else’s schedule? You need a change, which is why successful people don’t apologize for claiming “Me Time.” South Water Caye is the ideal place to do just that, and if you opt to stay at the Blue Marlin Beach Resort, you’ll be anything but blue. Some resorts get you close to Belize’s barrier reef, but South Water Caye sits atop the reef itself, so your visit can literally put you on top of the world.

Never heard of South Water Caye? It’s a private island devoted to both vacationing and science. Walk half a mile in any direction and you can cover every inch since it measures only 18 acres. But every inch is awash in white coral sand, tropical flowers, coconut palm trees and the gentle waves of the Caribbean.

That said, South Water Caye is more than a tropical postcard. It was declared a UNESCO protected site in 1996 due to the island’s rich bio-diversity—so much so, a marine biology laboratory was established on South Water Caye that acts as a training ground for Boston belize summer travelUniversity students and the National Science Foundation. Your short walk gives you access to reasons this island was picked as a marine study center: mangrove forest, lagoons, offshore atolls and opportunities to spot manatees, sea turtles and other protected marine wildlife, plants and flowers.

Now that you know about South Water Caye’s important mission, you can divert your attention to your objective(s) of relaxing, snorkeling or a little of both. For starters, the Blue Marlin’s “Belize Relaxation Package” truly takes all of the work out of planning. Included are accommodations, meals and snacks, housekeeping, toiletries, transfers to and from Dangriga, a welcome meetup and unlimited use of hammocks, kayaks and water floats.

If this proves too much relaxation, you don’t have to leave the premises to change things up: head for the lounge, the resort exchange library or check in with civilization using the Blue Marlin’s Wi-Fi connection. Taxes are included, and you’ll want to ask about specials when you enquire because there’s money to be saved if you take advantage of packages and seasonal rate drops!

But, perhaps you’re not interested in becoming a beach potato. A Blue Marlin snorkeling adventure can take you to places that are picture perfect, from the island’s bird sanctuary to deep barrier reef caves and a manatee habitat. All you need  is snorkeling gear provided by the resort and jump in. Shallow or deep, you’ll find shrimp, lobster, octopus, eels, fish, sea turtles and more occupying the vivid world below.

DCIM100GOPROLike the aforementioned relaxation package, your snorkel day is pre-planned, so you need only show up in the morning with your gear—or on the night guests enjoy a complimentary night snorkel. A long list of package inclusions begin with accommodations, meals, taxes, housekeeping, beach towels, a meet-and-greet, transfers to and from South Water Caye and even a welcome cocktail.

When you decide to dry off after your daily snorkel trips, visit the exchange library, hang out at the Blue Marlin lounge, access the Internet using the resort’s Wi-Fi connection or just grab a hammock for a little swing time. Special pricing can knock your tab down to surprising numbers, but you won’t know how low unless you ask, so call 1-800-798-1558 or e-mail the Blue Marlin at


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