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Do constant demands make you feel like you’re living on everybody else’s schedule? You need a change, which is why successful people don’t apologize for claiming “Me Time.” South Water Caye is the ideal place to do just that, and if you opt to stay at the Blue Marlin Beach Resort, you’ll be anything but blue. Some resorts get you close to Belize’s barrier reef, but South Water Caye sits atop the reef itself, so your visit can literally put you on top of the world.

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Blue Marlin Resort, Belize.

An article on, an informational website on Belize is asserting that South Water Caye is a top destination in Belize where you can find the best beaches.

The article states:

Location, location, location. This island sits right atop the Barrier reef. You just step right off the beach and you are amidst some of the best snorkeling you’ll ever find. You’ll see brightly colored fish of all kinds of species and beautiful coral unlike anywhere else in the area. Grab a kayak and paddle around the island or spend your day catching a fish. ( Blue Marlin Beach Resort comes highly recommended as a place to stay in South Water Caye.)                                                                                                                                                                    

And we agree with Belize Globe that South Water Caye has the best white sandy beaches and is a great location for marine activities like snorkeling and fishing.belize sailing

A slice of paradise in Belize, South Water Caye is a favorite destination for scuba divers and snorkelers and is also home to Blue Marlin, a beach resort that is only 3 minutes from the pristine barrier reef. The resort offers amazing adventures like diving, saltwater flats fly fishing, snorkeling right off the island and pure relaxation for travelers who are tired of the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Browse our website for more information about South Water Caye and the all inclusive Belize vacation packages that we offer.

Live your dreams out in 3D where the water meets the beach. Belize is blessed with rich diversity in its marine habitats, resulting in UNESCO awarding World Heritage Status to the Belize Barrier Reef. The marine attractions are as varied as the natural formations that make up this 185 mile coast wonder.

Explore the barrier reef, atolls and more than 400 islands, white sand beaches, fringing and patch reefs, more than 100 species of coral, hundreds of species of fish and an abundant variety of marine life. To ensure the survival of these delicate ecosystems, miles of the Belize Barrier Reef have been designated as marine reserves.

With the protection of the reef the entire length of Belize, the waters just off the coastline are a sanctuary for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you are an expert or there’s an activity you have always wanted to try but haven’t, Belize has the outfitters and instructors to get you set up.

Choose from a variety of exciting activities, anyone of which will make a great story once you return to the real world.

Scuba Diving in Belize

SCUBA diving near South Water Caye, Belize.

Become a voyager to a fascinating realm where the pace of life is dictated by the tides. With underwater visibility routinely extending to 200 feet, divers of all ages and abilities find their way to Belize. In fact the diving is so extraordinary in Belize, we have visitors who return year after year and do nothing else. Divers are eager to explore the spur and groove coral formations and sheer walls along the length of the reef. Get certified before your visit, or take introductory course within qualified dive instructions in any of Belize’s coastal or island locations. Popular dive sites include the atolls, the world famous Blue Hole, Hole Chan Marine Reserve, South Water Caye Marine Reserve and seasonal whale shark encounters at Gladden spit.

Snorkeling in Belize

belize snorkeling

Floating atop the warm, clear, turquoise waters with a mask and snorkel, provides an exciting glimpse into Belize’s underwater glories and is a must see even for the first time snorkeler. Knowledgeable local guides will help you explore the kaleidoscope of color found in hard and soft corals, vibrant sponges and more than 500 species of fish. Swim with the gentle rays and docile nurse sharks in waist deep water or enjoy the view from 20 feet above the water’s surface.

Swimming in Belize

Inside the reef along the welcoming beaches, young and old can play together all day. Perfect for families with small children, or for the young at heart, Belize’s gradual sandy beaches and gentle surf make swimming easy and fun. You may even find some exotic shells among the sand.

 Fishing in Belize

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No matter what your level of expertise or interest, Belize has world class fishing from Bacalar Chico in the north to Punta Icacos Lagoon in the south. The reef, flats and grass beds around mangrove islands and coastal lagoons throughout the country provide the year round opportunity for fly fishing’s Grand Slam – permit, bonefish, and tarpon in a single day. Belize – especially the northern Savannah flats is the only place outside of South Florida that enables anglers to sight cast for tarpon. The many river mouths are home to snook, tarpon, and jacks. Near the Belize Barrier Reef, spend a day or hour fishing for grouper, barracuda, or snapper. And for the adventurous, go offshore for big game fish, including marlin, wahoo, bonito, and kingfish. To protect our delicate ecosystem, Belize practices catch and release sport fishing.

Kayaking in Belize

Blue Marlin Resort, Belize.

Greet the sun with a short early morning kayak or choose a week long kayak adventure between islands. Gliding along the surface of the water quietly and efficiently is one of the best ways to encounter wildlife. Inside the shallow reef, be on the lookout for fish, rays, and dolphin or explore the intricate mangrove ecoysyem for resident and migratory birds in the branches and the delicate seahorse in the root system.