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Pool-Maya-Temple in Belize


Photo by Tony Rath

A water temple complex where archaeologists think a “drought cult” offered sacrifices has been discovered at the Cara Blanca site in Belize. A lodge and two smaller structures had been built near a deep cenote, where the Maya placed pots, jars, and bowls and may have prayed for rain.

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The water temple had been built from the cenote’s tufa stone, and its floors had been covered with broken water jars, teeth, and claws dredged from the sacred pool. “The pilgrims came there to purify themselves and to make offerings,” Lisa Lucero of the University of Illinois told National Geographic News. She and Andrew Kinkella of California’s Moorpark College explored the cenote and found that more offerings to Chaak, the Maya rain god, were placed in the shrine after a widespread drought hit the Maya region.

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Their report on the temple will be published in the Cambridge Archaeological Journal.

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belize honeymoon

Photo by Belize Tourism Board

The Belize Tourism Board is presently recommending the following three activities to honeymooners and travelers alike:

  • Jungle Waterfall Swim/Picnic: It is exactly how it sounds. Enjoy the jungles of Belize where 36% of its terrain is under conservation. Explore and enjoy the most magnificent waterfalls pouring into a fresh water pools and streams. It is the beauty of sites like Mayflower Bocawina National Park that offers an intimate adventure surrounded by acres and acres of forests.
  • Island Sunset Cruse: With local jams going and that special someone next to you, the scenic island views are a compliment to romance. Basking in the moments of life, never felt this good! Add fresh seafood ceviche and local drinks, and it is the making for a memorable travel!
  • Island Snorkeling/Barbeque: You’ll find the most stunning islands in Belize… Plan for a snorkel around the islands of the south, returning to find a barbeque going. With your feet planted into the shorelines, revel in in the present moments of your little paradise…Remember to take your camera, the view of miles and miles of blue waters is spectacular!

romantic things to do in belize and south water caye

Photo by Belize Tourism Board

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On Good Morning America this morning, Frommer’s Travel Guide lists Belize as one of 15 Most Tantalizing Travel Destinations for 2015!

Pauline Frommer, editor of the famous Frommer Guidebook says that Belize is a must visit destination in 2015. Watch this video to hear what she said about Belize:


Even though Pauline didn’t mention South Water Caye in her interview, we do recommend that you visit this beautiful island this year which has been described by travelers as a favorite underrated spot in Belize.

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South Water Caye has good off the beaten reef diving and snorkeling in a tropical setting and the beach is one of Belize’s sandy beauties.

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