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1. The 2nd biggest barrier reef in the world and the biggest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. The majority of tourists visit the Northern cayes. Visit Southern Belize and you can dive some of the best dive sites in the world and there are NO other divers!

2. Whale sharks! The Whale sharks migrate via the Sapodilla cayes to Gladden spit where they feed on the spawning Snappers. The season for Whale sharks at Gladden spit is March through till June. If you visit the Sapodilla cayes, you get the opportunity to swim with Whale sharks for at 6-8 months of the year!!!

3. Idyllic island locations. Southern Belize is scattered with paradise islands and coral cayes, surrounded by pristine coral reefs.

4. It’s an adventure! You get to spear the invasive Lionfish! The Lionfish are not indigenous to the Caribbean. They are feeding on key species and spell potential disaster to the health of the coral reefs in the area. If you visit Southern Belize, choose a dive operator that gives you the chance to help remove these invasive fish and have lots of fun at the same time!

5. It’s different! Divers are always looking for that new, unique location where the diving is excellent. Visit Southern Belize and go home and tell tales of a place that your friends have yet to visit?

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6. Never share a dive site!!! Are you tired of ‘diver soup’! Diving amazing dive sites that are ruined by other divers kicking up the reef, sand, silt and you! The roaring of boat engines, ruining your peaceful dive! Coming up under the wrong boat! If you visit the Sapodilla cayes marine reserve, situated at the foot of the barrier reef, you will NEVER share a dive site! There is one operator in the area, Reef Conservation International Ltd (ReefCI) they run unique scuba trips, for further information visit:

7. A focus on conservation! Want to help preserve the coral reefs that you love? Learn about marine life. Complete reef surveys and commercial species surveys. Help spear and remove the invasive Lionfish. You can do all of this while staying on Tom Owens caye with ReefCI.

8. Southern Belize is not just about the diving! There are an abundant of other activities including Mayan ruins, waterfalls, swimming in caves, visit cacao farms and see how chocolate is made, learn to play the Garifuna drums, jungle tours or spend you weekend at a jungle lodge or staying in a real Mayan village.

9. They speak English!

10. The people! Southern Belize has yet to be spoilt by tourism, people are genuinely friendly and helpful. Belize is a melting pot of different cultures. Get to know the Garifuna, Creole, Mayan, East Indian or the Mennonites and learn about the way they live, the food they eat and their incredible music.


By The Bare Pantry Show:


I wanted to honor the request of some of the viewers to make a video completely in Creole/Kriol. I decided to do Fry Jacks or Fry Cakes, but the 1/2 recipe because this meal is the reason why I started the show. Fry Jacks can be eaten with any meal, but primarily it is a breakfast dish. Normally we have eggs with Dutch Cheese, Avocado (pears) and re-fried beans for an old school Belizean breakfast.


At Blue Marlin Beach Resort, we serve some of the best Belizean meals and drinks. Learn more about our Restaurant here:



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Scuba Diving in South Water Caye

Many people who visit Belize normally scuba dive or snorkel in Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker or Placencia because those are the three destinations that are heavily marketed online and offline by the Belize Tourism Board, Guidebooks and Travel Magazines.

South Water Caye which is a 15 acre gem in the southern part of the country is also an ideal destination for snorkeling or scuba diving but doesn’t receive the amount of exposure from the organizations that I mention above thus we feel it is our job to write about it and tell the world how wonderful this island is for sea and reef adventures.

Another reason that we feel it is a perfect destination for scuba or snorkeling is because it is secluded and not crowded like Ambergris Caye or Placencia. In addition, South Water Caye is pristine and beautiful and just this year, it was voted as one of the top islands by Island’s Magazine.

If you are looking for spectacular scuba diving, snorkeling and salt water fishing then you might want to consider South Water Caye.

Here are some photos that illustrate the beauty of this gem:


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south water caye belize


schmidt_December 23, 2013_sw caye -2672




Dreaming of a trip to Belize but not sure where to start? With the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, abundant of Maya ruins, over 400 islands and islets, and endless wildlife spotting, Belize rewards repeat visits.

If you do not know what to do in Belize, start with these remarkable attractions, it will certainly steer you in the right direction:

Visit a Maya Ruin like Xunantunich, Cahal Pech or Altun Ha

belize maya ruins

Visit a water fall. Belize has amazing waterfalls to take a swim.

belize waterfalls

Explore a Cave. Belize has numerous caves that were used by the Maya.

belize caves

Belize offers world class snorkeling so it is a must to go on a snorkeling trip! Here is a snorkeling package you might like:

belize scuba diving

Belize is also an excellent destination for fishing! Take a look at this package: Belize Fishing package

fishing vacations in belize

Belize offers a variety of delicious meals. One of the must try meals is the Rice and Beans.

belizean rice and beans

Belize has over 400 islands and islets. One of the top islands to visit is South Water Caye.

belize sandy beaches

Belize also offers the best scuba diving in the world.

belize scuba


All photos courtesy of the Belize Tourism Board.

It is considered the largest marine reserve in the Stann Creek District of Belize and covers 47,702 hectares of mangrove and coastal ecosystems. It also includes the crown reserve of Man of War Caye which is a nesting site for the brown booby and majestic frigate bird. Its marine reserve is also zoned to protect fishing, nurseries and inimitable habitats and is a mecca for snorkeling, fishing, diving and educational activities.

Yes, I am talking about South Water Caye!

south water caye map blue marlin beach resort


South Water Caye is a 15 acre gem in the southern part of the country and is one of Belize’s sandy beauties according to Fodor’s Travel. The Caye is approximately 14 miles off the coast of Dangriga and Hopkins and is the perfect tropical island getaway.

This year, Island’s Magazine voted South Water Caye for having the best beach in Belize. And you bet, the beaches are gorgeous!

It is also a treasure a for sea and underwater enthusiasts as spectacular scuba diving, snorkel and salt-water fishing is literally at your doorsteps and the marine Reserve is home to sea grass beds, patch reefs, sand bores, mangrove habitat and over a dozen major cayes and many smaller islets.

If you visit, Blue Marlin Beach Resort is the best beach resort to stay in South Water Caye. The Resort features picturesque 180-degree views of the Caribbean Sea and offers guests waterfront restaurant and bar, underwater adventures, salt-water fishing, complimentary kayaks and water tubes, immaculate sandy grounds, and air-conditioned cottages, rooms and igloos with verandahs and private bathrooms.