dangrigabelizeWith good access to both the Cayes and the Southern and Hummingbird highways, Dangriga makes an excellent place from which to launch nautical, cultural or jungle excursions.

Gulisis Garifuna Museum – Two miles outside of town you’ll find the small and interesting Gulisis Garifuna Museum. Not only will you learn about Garifuna culture and history here, you can also view works by well known Garifuna artists.

Garifuna Drumming – Legendary Drum maker Austin Rodriguez, welcomes visitors to his drumming workshop.

Doll making – Dangriga has little infrastructure, and most people fish, farm or work in the arts. Phillipa Vernon is one such person who opened her own little business called Phillipa Dolls. She is based in Dangriga Town and is internationally know for her doll making, all dressed in traditional style.

Maria Sharp Hot Sauce – Who would have thought that carrots could make such a wonderful impact on hot sauce? If you’re remotely into hot sauce, you won’t be disappointed to visit the place where Belize’s best known export is made.

Citrus Tour – Belize citrus industry is one of the top three foreign exchange earners as well as the second most important agricultural activity. There are 2 two modern processing plants which are located in the Stann Creek District.

The citrus crop produces over a million boxes of fruit a year into concentrate and juice from 50,000 acres of citrus groves in Belize, making it one of the largest employers of Belize after the tourism industry. Recently they have opened their doors to the tourism sector by providing a guided tour of the factory, thus creating more employment.

Scuba diving, Fishing and snorkeling in Dangriga is just as good as the fishing, and trips to the nearby cayes can be booked just as easily. South Water Caye and Tobaco Caye are two popular Cayes.

belize-waterfallCockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1990 and is world renowned for being the first jaguar reserve. More then a place to protect the rare and elusive jaguar, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is a an important watershed and reservoir of bio diversity for hundreds of species of exotic plants, insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians who live in this complex tropical forest community.

Davis Falls is tucked away and eight miles off the Hummingbird Highway on a road only accessible by 4×4. Spectacular 300-foot Davis Falls drops over gleaming granite rocks and at its base is a pool that is perfect for a swim in the heat of the day. The landscape around the falls is a natural playground that’s makes a great spot for picnicking and birding.

Mayflower Archeological Reserve lies between Dangriga and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. The post-classic site consists of three ruins, two sizable waterfalls and a picturesque view of Hopkins village and the Caribbean.

The Mayan Post-Classic sites within the reserve are partially excavated and little is known about them. The park’s hiking trails are graded for distance and difficulty, and are the highlight of the reserve. Of the trails, the most popular are two waterfall hikes. A two to three hour hike leads to the 100ft/30m Antelope Falls, while a much less strenuous walk leads to Three Sisters Falls.

Red Bank is the best place to see Scarlet Macaws in the wild. Every year around Mid-January through to March, a large flock of Scarlet Macaws (sometimes numbering 200 pairs) fly out of the Chiquibul Forest Reserve in the Cayo District and gather near the village to feed on the sweet, ripe fruits of the ‘annato’ and ‘pole wood’ trees.

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